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We specialize in providing instruction that makes it much easier for every student to be more successful, especially students who are at the lowest level of math when they enter or return to college. When these students are able to develop a truly solid foundation from the lowest levels of math, they become far more successful in progressing to and passing higher level courses. They’ll return to your higher level courses eager to learn and prepared to succeed.

“I bought the unlimited subscription and passed 096, 098, and 107 in only one semester.”

Linda P., College Student

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Innovative technology has helped educators and parents improve student achievement dramatically in school, college and at home.

Reaches the Gamut of Student Levels

Students Can Skip Over Material They Know

Student Finished Dev Math in 5 Weeks

“With iLearn Math, my students see me as a partner in
their success, rather than as an adversary.”

VK Bussen, Instructor

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iLearn makes learning easier and more rewarding for all students

Unique Approach to Learning:

Real instruction, not just practice

The core of iLearn Math is authentic instruction. While others provide only practice, practice, practice, iLearn makes learning easier with real instruction that teaches students to think mathematically. When they learn to think mathematically, solving problems becomes far easier, more successful and more rewarding. iLearn Math students do practice, but only after they’ve learned how to do it successfully.

Unique Approach to Learning Support:

Positive Learning Support

Another unique feature of iLearn Math is called Positive Learning Support. No one else has anything like it. It’s designed to prevent errors rather than just trying to correct errors with so-called “error correction” after they occur. The “error correction” approach everyone else uses is highly inefficient and frustrating at the same time. When errors are minimized, it makes learning easier and improves motivation and morale. The impact is evident in the exceptional level of effort - and success - exhibited by students who learn with iLearn Math.

Structure Your Course Your Way

Effective technology-supported learning requires a combination of effective software and instructor involvement to create a unique learning experience for every student. With iLearn’s online resources, you have the ease and flexibility you need to deliver the appropriate level of support for any classroom format.

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