Algebra Readiness and Recovery

Algebra I & II
Welcome to iLearn Math:

iLearn Math will:

  • Deliver flexible, individualized instruction
  • Overcome student deficiencies in math
  • Overcome math anxiety
  • Enable students to catch up fast
  • Increase passing rates
  • Increase retention and graduation rates

How do we do it?

iLearn Math gives you the ability to deliver a truly customized curriculum for each student. The design is based on rigorous research on effective instructional methods for students having difficulty in math, so it’s highly effective.
iLearn Math :

  • Assesses each student and identifies “learning gaps”
  • Delivers instruction to address each identified gap
  • Uses a multimedia format with voice and animation
  • Uses a multimedia format with voice and animation
  • Continuously assesses student performance
  • Provides easy-to-use, detailed reports to the instructor

Teachers Love It

The time-consuming work of assessment, individualized instruction, testing, grading, and reporting are done by the computer. The result is that the teachers are freed up to do what they do best: help students individually with math. They spend more time interacting directly with students and are better able to help them with their specific needs. Teacher workload goes down while productivity goes up.

Students Love It

Students get only the instruction they need, so there’s no wasted time studying what they already know. What they do get is instruction on every topic they have not yet mastered, so all prior gaps in knowledge are filled efficiently. They work anonymously and avoid any embarrassment from working on topics below grade level. Best of all, they catch up fast, since iLearn Math’s highly supportive approach makes learning math easier than ever before.

Administrators Love It

The most important reason for using iLearn Math is that it leads to much higher rates of success. Whether your need is preparing students for success in algebra or having them recover credits lost in algebra, the percentage of students who are successful will increase substantially. The impact is improved graduation rates.

It's an individualized math course for each student, easily delivered on a large scale.

iLearn has been a pioneer in creating and perfecting computer-based instruction for more than 20 years. iLearn delivers results. Schedule an online demonstration today.

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