Carroll County Math Scores Up

iLearn Math Boosts Scores in Carroll County Schools

Math scores are up at Carroll County middle schools. What’s behind the gains? As teachers and administrators will tell you, the reason is iLearn® Math, a teacher-friendly Web-enabled system that provides individualized, computer-optimized instruction for every student.

The Carroll County School System serves more than 14,000 PK-12 students from a predominately rural area in northwestern Georgia. Carroll County administrators are always looking for ways to improve scores on their state’s high-stakes test. Raising math scores is particularly important, which is why, three years ago, they chose iLearn Math for their five middle schools and six high schools.

“We liked the fact that it assessed the students—determined their current ability and placed them at the correct starting level—and then moved them through the processes and steps we felt they needed or tied into our curriculum,” says Terry Jones, Principal at Central Middle School.

Individualized instruction makes the difference

“I think the thing that I get most excited about with iLearn is that it is individualized,” says Karen Suddeth, Director of Instruction for Middle Grades and Secondary Instruction. “Students come to us with all different abilities and iLearn meets the student wherever he or she is and moves them forward.” Adds Lisa Tribble, who teaches math at Central Middle School, “The ability to have children work at their own pace. One student can be working on chapter 30 and the person next to them can be on chapter 16, and that’s okay because they’re on their level.”

Teachers have more time for teaching

Says Dr. Gary Cottrell who also teaches math at Central Middle School, “I just can’t reiterate enough how teacher-friendly iLearn is. iLearn takes attendance for the teacher. It takes care of lesson planning, and it takes care of reporting grades. It gives immediate feedback to the students and teacher. Students can see their progress; Teachers can see their progress.”

Ms. Tribble agrees. “It’s so easy to be connected to every student and know exactly where they are in the program and what they’re doing,” she says. “During class I can see if students are stuck. The management program also allows me to not have to grade papers. Everything is scored through the iLearn program. The iLearn program manages lesson plans. It’s great. It really is.”

Enthusiasm from students and parents

Says Mr. Jones of iLearn, “I’m excited by the fact that our students enjoy working with the program. ” Ms. Tribble also notes student enthusiasm. “Most of them will come to me and say, ‘Ms. Tribble, I’ve done better in my class! I’ve succeeded!’”

As for parents, Mr. Jones says, “Our parents have been very impressed with the data they’ve received. So it’s been very beneficial there.” Adds Ms. Tribble, “All they have to do is log onto the web with their student’s ID, and they can look up exactly what their student is doing in my class.”

Advantages for administrators

Karen Suddeth adds that iLearn also offers benefits to administrators. “The management program is very convenient,” she says. ”I can monitor all schools’ progress and usage from my office.” She also feels that iLearn Math is cost effective. “When you look at how many high schools and middle schools we have, it’s a relatively inexpensive piece of software for the ability to serve the students individually.”

Math scores up

The ultimate question, of course, is whether iLearn Math delivers results. Says Mr. Jones, “In the two years that we have used the program, our math scores have increased 12 percent, which we’re very excited with and actually looking forward to even greater gains this year.” For Dr. Cottrell, the iLearn advantage is clear. “This is really a program that will put time back on the teacher’s side, instead of taking time away from the teacher. That’s the highest endorsement I can give.”

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