Minority Students

Minority Students Close Achievement Gap
Gain 52 Percentage Points in Math AYP Scores

African-American students at Early County Middle School have closed the achievement gap with math gains of 52 percentage points - from 28% to 80% of students who meet or exceed the standard.

  • In 2003, the gap between African-American students and Caucasian students was 51 percentage points. In 2008 this gap was reduced to only 4 percentage points.
  • The difference in Early County Middle School beginning in 2004 has been the school-wide implementation of iLearn for Level 1 students.
  • This increase for minority students was the largest of any middle school in the state over that time period.
  • These students now outperform the average for all African-American students in the state in grades 6-8 by 14 percentage points and outperformthe average for all students in the state by 4 percentage points.
  • In 2006, these impressive gains led the Georgia Department of Education to recognize Early County Middle School as one of the most successful in the state in reducing the achievement gap.
  • According to teacher Mary Beth Waller, “This user-friendly program has allowed students to excel where traditional methods have failed. The interactive technology utilized in this program will not allow students to ‘cheat’ to move beyond their ability. Teachers are able to monitor students’ progress as they move through the program. It is definitely a program that reaches a diverse majority of learners, and has proven itself to be successful.”

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