Students Show Exceptional Gains

Students Show Exceptional Gains on State Math Test

Gain 60 Percentage Points in One Year with iLearn Math

This cohort of students who used iLearn Math for supplemental support (orange line above) showed truly remarkable gains on the State Math Test when compared to their peers in the same schools, the state, and the district.

The percentage of the students in the cohort scoring at the “proficient” level increased from 8% in the 5th grade to 68% in the sixth grade.

All other students in the District and across the state in the same grades showed a modest average increase of 5 percentage points.

The data are for a cohort of 121 students across 10 Middle Schools in a suburban School District in the state of Maryland.

The students in this cohort were selected for supplemental math support using iLearn Math based on their performance below that of their peers. This is reflected in the fact that only 8% of these students scored at the “proficient” level in 5th grade.

In grade 5, the Achievement Gap between these low-performing students and their peers across the state was 78 percentage points. In 6th grade, this gap was reduced to 15 percentage points.

That means the Achievement Gap for these lowestperforming students was reduced by 81% in one year, which is a truly remarkable accomplishment.

These results were not an isolated event. Similar results were obtained for students in the following year in 6th grade.

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