Algebra B Math: Complex Numbers and the Quadratic Formula

In this topic, students are introduced to the division of complex numbers. The student also learns how to solve all quadratic equations. This series of four lessons provides the student with the tools to solve any quadratic equation.

Dividing Complex Numbers – The Complex Conjugate

This lesson introduces the student to dividing complex numbers. The complex conjugate is explained. The student learns how to use the complex conjugate to divide complex numbers.

The Discriminant of the Quadratic Formula

This lesson introduces the student to the discriminat of the quadratic formula. The student learns the equation for the discriminat. The student also learns the role the discriminat plays in determining the number of solutions and whether the solutions will be real or complex.

The Quadratic Formula with Complex Solutions

In this lesson, the student learns how to use the quadratic formula to solve quadratic equations where the solutions are complex. The student learns they can solve all quadratic equations using the quadratic formula, whether the solutions are real or complex.

Solving General Quadratic Equations

This lesson teaches the student how to solve quadratic equations that are not already written in standard form. From this lesson, the student can solve any quadratic equation.

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