Grade 1 Math: Counting Numbers 0-10

Read and Write Numbers 0-10

In this lesson, students learn to read and write numbers from zero through 10. The numbers 0 through 9 are defined as digits.

Students are given the numbers zero through ten in one format and they write the number given in another format. Three formats are used:

  1. they are given the number in words and they write the number,
  2. they are given the number and they select the word for that number, and
  3. they are given a number in auditory format and they write it as a number

Counting 0-10: Count a Whole Set of Objects

In this lesson, students learn how to count up to ten objects. They are taught that to count, they must keep track of the objects counted. They do that in this lesson by clicking on each object which transfers the object to a ten frame. When all objects have been transferred, they then write the number that indicates how many objects were counted.

Counting 0-10: Count from a Set of Objects

In this lesson, students learn to count a specified number of objects, up to ten, from a set of objects that is greater than ten. To count the objects, the students click on one object in the set at a time, which marks it as counted. When the student is done counting, the answer is entered and evaluated.

Counting 0-10: Missing Number

Students learn to fill in the missing number in the counting sequence from zero through 10. They are given a sequence of three numbers with one of the numbers missing, either the first, second, or third number. They enter the missing number.

Counting 0-10: Counting On from a Number

In this lesson, students learn to count on from a number. They are given two consecutive numbers and are required to enter the next three numbers in the sequence.

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