Grade 3 Math: Multiplication 0-10

Multiplication: Using Repeated Addition (0-10)

In an earlier lesson, students learned to use repeated addition of the numbers 2, 5, and 10 to do multiplication. In this lesson, they extend what they learned in those lessons to use repeated addition to do multiplication with all digits from zero through 10.

Counting by a Number (3,4)

In this lesson, students learn that counting by a number is just a faster way of doing repeated addition. They learn to count by 3 and 4 by writing each sum in sequence as they count.

Counting by a Number to do Multiplication (3,4)

In this lesson, students use what they learned about counting by 3 and 4 to do multiplication. They count by 3 and 4 and write the final result needed to complete multiplication by either 3 or 4.

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