Algebra C Math: Exponential Functions

This topic introduces the student to exponential functions. This series of four lessons shows the student the definition of exponential functions, as well as graphs of exponential functions, and solving basic exponential equations.

Definition of Exponential Functions

This lesson introduces the student to the definition of exponential functions. The student learns that an exponential function includes a constant base to some power of x. The student is shown how to evaluate an exponential function at a few points.

Graphs of Exponential Functions I

This lesson shows the student the graphs of exponential functions with a base that is greater than one. The student learns how to plot some points based off the values of the exponential function. The student also sees the general shape of an exponential function.

Graphs of Exponential Functions II

In this lesson, the student sees examples of exponential functions with a base that is between zero and one. The student learns the terms exponential growth and exponential decay.

Solving Simple Exponential Equations

This lesson introduces the student to solving basic exponential equations.

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