Algebra C Math: Logarithmic Functions

This topic introduces the student to logarithmic functions. This series of six lessons shows the student the definition of logarithms, how to solve equations involving logarithms, and the graphs of logarithms.

Basic properties of logarithms are explained as well, while being shown by using facts the student knows about exponential functions.

Definition of Logarithms

This lesson introduces the student to the definition of logarithms. The student also sees the notation behind logarithms. The correlation between logarithms and exponential functions is explained, as well.

Solving Simple Logarithmic Equations

In this lesson, the student is introduced to solving basic logarithmic equations by finding the solution through the corresponding exponential equation. The student also learns that the logarithmic function is only defined for non-positive numbers.

Solving Complex Logarithmic Equations

This lesson shows the student how to solve slightly more complex logarithmic equations then the previous lesson. The student sees many examples worked.

Graphs of Logarithms I

This lesson shows the student how to graph logarithmic functions when the base is greater than one. The student sees how the graph of a logarithmic function appears.

Graphs of Logarithms II

In this lesson, the student sees how to graph a logarithmic function when the base is between zero and one.

Basic Properties of Logarithms

This lesson introduces the student to very basic properties of logarithms. The student sees why these properties are true when they are exposed to the exponential equivalent.

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