Algebra C Math: Polynomial and Rational Inequalities

This topic introduces the problems of polynomial and rational inequalities. This series of four lessons introduces how to find the critical points of a given inequality. Then, finding the solution to the inequalities is presented.

Polynomial Inequalities I

This lesson introduces the student to polynomial inequalities. The student sees a graph of a polynomial function in order to see how the solution will be an interval over the real number line. The student also learns how to find the critical points of a polynomial inequality.

Polynomial Inequalities II

In this lesson, the student learns how to use the critical points of a polynomial inequality in order to find the solution. The student uses the intervals between critical points in order to determine whether a given interval will make the inequality true or false.

Rational Inequalities I

This lesson teaches the student to find the critical points of a rational inequality. The student sees how to find the critical points. A graph of a rational function is also shown to the student so they can see where the critical points will occur.

Rational Inequalities II

Rational Inequalities II

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