Grade 7 Math: Complex Fractions and Percents

This topic covers complex fractions and shows their use in the conversion from fractions to percents. The student is first introduced to complex fractions and taught how complex fractions are really just one fraction divided by another. The instruction then continues to show examples of complex fractions and provides a guide to solving complex fractions.

These lessons further the student’s knowledge that the fraction bar is to be treated as division, as the links between complex fractions and division by fraction are stressed.

Complex Fractions

This lesson teaches the student the fundamentals of solving complex fractions. It briefly reviews division of fractions before showing the student how to convert from a complex fraction to a division of fractions. The instruction then shows how the division of fractions is carried out, and provides the solution to each example of a complex fraction.

Percents as Complex Fractions

This lesson shows the student another way to view converting between fractions and percents. The instruction shows that we may convert from a fraction to a percent by multiplying by a factor of one to make the denominator 100. Then, the instruction shows three ways to do so, first by an improper fraction, second by a mixed number, and third by a decimal approximation. The lesson also shows the potential rounding error caused by the decimal approximation.

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