Grade 7 Math: Order of Operations

This topic covers order of operations with integers. The series of three lessons shows the student how the order of operations they learned for whole numbers also holds for integers.

The lessons review the order of operations before giving examples showing their use in solving numerical expressions.

Order of Operations with Integers

This lesson explains the order of operations for integers using only the four arithmetic operations. The lesson explains that multiplication and division are done first, going from left to right. Then, addition and subtraction happen, also going from left to right.

Order of Operations with Grouping I

This lesson introduces the use of parentheses and exponents when dealing with integers and the order of operations. The student learns that they evaluate numerical expressions inside parentheses first, and then evaluate exponents before the multiplication and division step. The common mnemonic “Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally” is taught to the student to help them remember the steps. Several examples show how to solve order of operations problems which involve parentheses.

Order of Operations with Grouping II

This lesson introduces the idea of embedded grouping symbols. The student learns that brackets are essentially identical to parentheses when it comes to numerical expressions. The student is also taught the principle that we evaluate the innermost set of grouping symbols first. Examples show this principle in action.

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