Grade 7 Math: Integer Operations

This topic covers the fundamentals of addition and subtraction when dealing with negative whole numbers, or integers. This topic heavily utilizes number lines to provide a conceptual foundation for the student.

These lessons provide a basis for handling negative numbers in arithmetic. Many important concepts are stated throughout these lessons.

Integer Addition: Adding a Negative Number

This lesson is the first to introduce arithmetic with negative numbers. The lesson shows the student how adding a negative number involves moving to the left on a number line.

Integer Subtraction: Rewriting Subtraction as Addition

This lesson develops the idea that subtraction can be rewritten as addition by a negative number. The previous lesson is further developed here as the student sees the connection between subtraction and the addition of a negative number. A key concept that is explicitly stated is subtracting a number is the same as adding its opposite.

Subtracting a Positive Number

This lesson furthers the notion that we can rewrite subtraction as addition. The student learns the rule that subtracting by a positive number results in the difference being smaller than the minuend. Examples with a number line are used to allow the student to see this principle more concretely.

Subtracting a Negative Number

This lesson shows the student how rewriting subtraction as addition can be used to rewrite subtraction by a negative number into addition with a positive number. The student gets to watch examples that show this idea.

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