Algebra A Math: Applications III

This topic shows the student how to set up and solve equations that involve application problems. This series of five lessons furthers the understanding of the student with respect to application problems that require algebraic reasoning.

The student builds upon their knowledge of application problems to set up and solve various application problems.

Setting Up Equations I

In this lesson, the student is shown how to set up equations that represent real world problems. Many examples are used to show the three different types of equations that were learned in the previous topic.

Setting Up Equations II

This lesson introduces the student to using literal expressions while setting up equations. The student learns how to write expressions related to real world applications and how these expressions fit into equations.

Setting Up Equations III

This lesson demonstrates how to view one expression in a real world application in terms of another. The lesson illustrates how these expressions can be used to solve various word problems.

Solving Problems I

In this lesson, the student learns how to solve application problems. Using the previous three lessons as a foundation, the student begins to see how literal expressions can be used to find the answers to word problems.

Solving Problems II

This lesson provides the student with more examples of solving word problems.

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