Algebra A Math: Multiplying Polynomials

In this topic, the student begins to learn how to multiply polynomials. This series of three lessons furthers the arithmetic properties of polynomials. It also sets a foundation to check that factored polynomials are equal to their standard form.

Multiplying Binomials by Binomials

This lesson introduces the student to the multiplication of two binomials. The student learns that they must distribute both terms of one binomial through the other binomial. The student then learns the mnemonic of FOIL in order to give them an easier way of remembering how to multiply binomials by binomials.

Multiplying Binomials by Trinomials

In this lesson, the student learns how to multiply binomials by trinomials. The student will learn to distribute both terms of the binomial over all the terms of the polynomial expression. Many examples are given with step-by-step instructions to help the student multiply a binomial by a trinomial.

Binomials Raised to a Power

This lesson shows the student how to square a binomial. The student learns how to rewrite the binomial raised to a power in an expanded multiplication form. This allows the student to see that they cannot just square both terms. This mistake is pointed out as being incorrect.

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