Algebra A Math: Polynomials

In this topic, the student begins to learn about polynomials. This series of six lessons provides a guide to the definition of a polynomial, as well as simple arithmetic properties of polynomials, such as addition and multiplication by a whole number.

The foundation of polynomials is important for later series on factoring and rational equations.

Raising a Power to a Power

This lesson introduces the student to raising a power to a power. The student learns what it means to raise a power to another power and learns the power law of exponents.


This lesson teaches the student the definition of polynomials. The student sees examples of polynomials as well as examples of expressions that are not polynomials. They also learn important definitions of mathematical words like term and monomial.

Combining Like Terms

In this lesson, the student learns how to combine like terms in a polynomial expression. This lesson allows the student to begin to learn polynomials.

Adding Polynomials

This lesson shows the student how to add polynomials by combining like terms.

Multiplying Polynomials by Whole Numbers

This lesson introduces the student to multiplication of a polynomial by a whole number. Examples are given that show how to multiply through by both positive and negative whole numbers.

Subtracting Polynomials

In this lesson, the student learns how to subtract polynomials. They learn the importance of distributing the negative sign all the way through the entirety of the polynomial being subtracted in order to arrive at the correct answer.

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