Algebra A Math: Polynomials and Greatest Common Factors

This topic introduces the student to multiplying polynomials by monomials and factoring the greatest common factor. This series of four lessons begins to build the foundation of factoring.

Multiplying Monomials by Monomials

This lesson introduces the student to multiplying two monomials together. The student learns how to use commutativity to find equivalent forms of two monomials being multiplied together.

Multiplying Polynomials by Monomials

In this lesson, the student learns how to distribute a monomial term through a polynomial expression. The importance of distributing the monomial through every term in the polynomial expression is emphasized.

Greatest Common Factor of Monomials

This lesson teaches the student how to identify the greatest common factor of two monomials. The student is taught how to identify which components of each monomial overlap to write out the greatest common factor.

Factoring out Greatest Common Factor

This lesson describes how to factor out the greatest common factor of a polynomial expression by finding the greatest common factor. The lesson then teaches the student how to write the original polynomial expression in factored form.

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