Algebra A Math: Applications IV

In this topic, the student works with mixture and solution problems, as well as wind and current applications. This series of seven lessons introduces the student to setting up and solving application problems relating to mixture, wind, and current problems.

Formulas and Problem Solving with Solutions

This lesson introduces the student to mixture and solution problems. The student sees how the product of the concentration of a mixture times the volume of the solution provides the volume of the solute. Then, examples are given to show the student how to find the unknown given two of concentration, volume of the solution, and volume of the solvent.

Interpreting Solution Problems

This lesson shows the student how to interpret and set up equations involving mixtures of two solutions. The instruction provides step-by-step instructions for identifying key words in the application problems to construct the equations which represent these types of problems.

Solving Solution Problems

In this lesson, the student builds upon the previous two lessons in order to solve solution problems.

Solving Other Mixture Problems

This lesson introduces the student to other types of mixture problems. Various examples ranging from dry food mixtures to test grades are used to add variety to the number of mixture problems the student can encounter.

Solving All Mixture Problems

This lesson provides instruction that covers both solution problems and other mixture problems.

Wind and Current I

In this lesson, the student begins to learn about wind and current problems. The various ways the wind or the current can affect a vehicle are presented and explained. Then, the instruction covers how to set up and solve problems that involve wind and current.

Wind and Current II

This lesson introduces the student to solving wind and current problems that are modeled by using a system of linear equations. Various examples explain how to set up and solve these types of application problems.

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