Algebra A Math: Polynomial Division

This topic introduces the student to the final part of polynomial arithmetic: polynomial division. This series of five lessons teaches the student polynomial long division and synthetic division.

Polynomial Long Division I

This lesson introduces the student to the principles of polynomial long division. The student learns the process behind polynomial long division. Additionally, the importance of including all of the terms in both the dividend and the divisor is stressed.

Polynomial Long Division II

In this lesson, the student learns about polynomial long division that results in remainders. The student is shown how to handle and write polynomial long division when there is a remainder.

Synthetic Division I

This lesson introduces synthetic division. Synthetic division is described as a simpler method of polynomial long division. Examples show when synthetic division can and cannot be used.

Synthetic Division II

This lesson teaches the student how to synthetically divide. The student sees how synthetic division corresponds to polynomial long division. The lesson also shows the efficiency gain in using synthetic division.

Synthetic Division III

In this lesson, the student learns the remainder theorem. The student also sees how synthetic division can be used to evaluate a polynomial expression at a given point.

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