Algebra A Math: Factoring Trinomials: Leading Coefficient of 1

In this topic, the student begins to learn how to factor trinomials. They start by learning the final steps of factoring to present a clear destination of factoring. The series of five lessons works backwards through the factoring process in order to provide the student with a clear method that factors trinomials.

Factoring Trinomials: Preparation

In this lesson, the student is shown how to solve problems that provides the product and sum of two unknown numbers. The student learns how to find the two unknowns in both equations. This basis will allow the student to find the factors of a trinomial.

Factoring Trinomials I

This lesson presents the student with an example of a polynomial being factored to provide the student with a general idea of factoring. Then, the instruction shows how to complete the last step of factoring a trinomial.

Factoring Trinomials II

In this lesson, the student learns to complete the second to last step in factoring a trinomial. This lesson also sets the foundation for factoring by grouping.

Factoring Trinomials III

This lesson builds upon the foundation of the first lesson in order to teach the first step in factoring a trinomial. The student is shown how the first step of factoring can be done using the process they learned in the first lesson of this series.

Factoring Trinomials IV

This lesson shows how to factor a trinomial completely.

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